Why you need a professional construction company


Are you searching for construction companies in the North East to help you achieve your dream of a new-build home or stunning extension?

You will no doubt find a lot of companies that promise a lot, but how professional are they? Should you scrimp and cut corners by simply choosing the cheapest? Some people even consider doing some of the work themselves to reduce cost.

In our 40 years of building and construction experience, we have simple advice to offer: choose a professional builder and check out their credentials. That sounds pretty obvious – but there are plenty of odd-job people out there whose promise to build your dream turns out to be a nightmare.

Here are a few reasons why you need to choose a professional builder.


Your happiness

When you first have a dream (whether that’s to build a new home from scratch or improve yours by adding an extension) you only ever see the finished product. So if you decide to do some of the work yourself or employ a company that has no track record it can cost you more in the long run. And that could put a real damper on the entire experience.

Using a professional builder with a thorough understanding and knowledge they are better equipped to deal with all eventualities. Even the best prepared construction projects can encounter some unforeseen issues. But it’s how the building company you use deals with them that makes the difference. Experience of making modifications that preserve your dreams will mean you are happier than seeing wholesale changes that wreck them.


Make sense financially!

If you’re trying to self-build without a professional builder or using a construction company without credentials, it can cost you more!

You are unlikely to have all the skills and experience necessary to take on large projects. And those building firms that can’t prove their credentials might take shortcuts that will cost you to put right later.

Building is our passion and life. We can advise from the outset on current material costs and you can be sure that we only use quality materials. Whether that’s in the fabric of the building or for bespoke windows and doors that our sister firm provides, we know you only get what you pay for. And, eventually, that will save you money in the long-term as you don’t need to replace poor materials within a few years.


It’s safer

Being able to paint a wall or put up a shelf doesn’t make someone a builder. Doing something that is wrong could wreck your property.

Many building projects require permits and need to meet regulations, which proves how specialist they are. We’ve mentioned it before, but checking the credentials of the business you are instructing is essential.

We are members of many organisations that prove our commitment to quality. One of those is the Federation of Master Builders, which champions continuous improvements in building standards. These memberships don’t come cheap but they demonstrate our passion for the highest quality in building. If you’re not using a professional, skilled company that invests in such assurances or you try to do the work yourself, you are putting you, your family and your home at risk.


If you are thinking about building your own home extension or adding an extension, then speak to us about our professional construction services. We have four decades of experience and can give you estimates based on our expertise. We love making dreams come true!