Loft conversion as a bedroom

In our last blog, we looked at the basics of loft conversions. They are a great idea if you need extra space, we discovered. And they can also add up to 20% to the value of your home.

We looked at whether your loft could be realistically converted, the regulations needed and your budget. And we ruled it out for certain types of use, including becoming a gym because of the weight of the equipment.

Loft conversions are a great idea if you’re struggling for space, especially if lockdown has left you thinking about adding space to your house.

Many more people are deciding that working from home is the future – especially if you were commuting for hours! So let’s start there as we look at various uses for your loft conversion.

We offer some design tips, too. A well thought-out loft conversion can create an amazing space that adds a lot of character to your house… as well as the ‘wow’ factor.

Loft conversion home office

A loft space is the perfect place to add a home office. Many people don’t have the space in the first or ground floor of their home. Some small bedrooms are just too small – you have to remember you’ll be spending at least 8 hours a day in there!

If your only option is the kitchen table, it can be too distracting. So, converting your loft is a great solution. Older houses, such as the Victorian terraces in Newcastle or Durham, will offer a decent attic space for an impressive home office.

If you’re designing your home office in the loft, you must ensure there is plenty of light. We’ll look at window choices in loft conversions in a future blog, but consider plenty of windows if there is no option for a large one.

Use light colours on your walls and choose light or pale blinds with neutral shades that let light in but reduce glare when closed.

Make sure you add plenty of light for the winter months, too. Here are some great tips about decorating a home office.

Create a new bedroom

A loft space makes a perfect bedroom. Make sure that it is well decorated with neutral colours and natural light. You want to avoid the person using it feeling like they’re in some kind of torture chamber or pushed out of the way!

If your attic has plenty of space, consider adding a shower room and toilet space. Having a self-contained space adds functionality. If you add a shower and toilet room, consider a design that allows an open plan feel. But ensure it’s sectioned off enough so that there aren’t any embarrassing incidents!

If you have space, you could add a small tub bath, which will give the bedroom a ‘wow’ factor.
Bedrooms in the loft are great for your guests if you struggle for space in the main part of your house. As well as added privacy, it can give them a ‘hotel’ feel and they will feel welcomed.

Play space

If you have smaller bedrooms, which is typical of a lot of new-builds across the North East, a loft conversion makes a fantastic playroom for children.

Having a space of their own means younger children can keep all their toys out of the main living area of your house. No more tripping over them in the dining room!

If you have older children, then teenagers will be able to have their own space to stream TV and relax. Always add windows for natural light with blinds, especially for teenagers, who like a bit of a darker atmosphere from time to time!

A dressing room or a walk-in wardrobe

Some bedrooms are too small for large wardrobes and a built-in option might take up too much space. A loft conversion as a dressing room and/or walk-in wardrobe is a fabulous use of space.

Having a dedicated space for your clothes means you can make the most of your bedroom. The lack of wardrobes means you can choose a larger bed. Or, you may just like the idea of an uncluttered bedroom for a more restful night’s sleep.

A dedicated space for getting dressed in a loft also adds privacy and a relaxed space for putting on your glad rags. Include a skylight and your dressing room will be flooded with natural light.

Whatever the plans for your loft conversion, we can help you. As a North East builder with over 40 years’ experience, we have extensive knowledge of all types of home improvements. Contact us today for a no obligation chat.