Garden rooms and offices help if you’re working from home


Garden rooms and home offices were once the preserve of wealthy entrepreneurs who ran their empires from a sprawling mansion.

But the coronavirus outbreak has changed that! More people than ever are working from home – and an increasing number may decide to keep it that way.

Working from home reduces the overheads of many companies as they no longer need space in the centre of cities, such as Newcastle, as fewer people head to the office.

And it isn’t just people who work from a desk that are working from home. Personal trainers and yoga teachers are just some who have adapted to working from home using the latest technology to stream sessions online.

But there is one issue: you can’t spend 8 hours a day at the dining room table for the rest of your working life!

Perching on your chest of drawers in the spare room is fine during an emergency, but fatigue will soon set in if your seating position is poor.

And gym instructors may lack a professional edge if their backdrop remains a cluttered table outside of the lock down.

So is it time to add a dedicated work space to your home?


Home working in the future

Employers are now realising that working from home (or WFH as it’s now known) is viable and employees are just as productive. Indeed, one study shows employees work 1.4 days more per month if they WFH!

Chances are WFH is going to become even more popular as we look to the future!


Home office ideas

If you’ve had enough of being squeezed into the corner of a room to work, then there are a range of ideas to create a home office. Even if you don’t think you have the space, you’d be surprised at the solutions construction companies offer.

Here at John Conroy and Son, we create purpose-built home offices, from a simple loft conversion to an extension or a garden room. So, here are a few ideas…

  1. Lofty ambition

If you need all your rooms and want to reserve your dining room for, well, dining, then what about your loft?

You can create a stunning, bright space up in the roof that will serve as a great office space. And, like all of our ideas, it means you can close the door when the working day is done! So no reminder of work while you tuck into your evening meal!


  1. Gear up in your garage

How many people use their garage for storage? So many garages are too small for today’s large cars, so a garage conversion could be the answer. Again, you can create the perfect place to work from, no matter what your job is.

Even if you use the garage for your car, there is a chance you can add an extension above it! Of course, the foundations will need to be checked before making plans, but it offers another solution!


  1. Extend your ideas

An extension to your house can be as modest or as grand as you wish. Either way, it’s a great way of creating a new working space.

Many small extensions may be covered by your permitted development rights, too, so no need for planning delays.

Extensions can be built as single or double storey and you can keep it simple or as elaborate as you wish.

You can add expanses of glass to create a light and airy space with garden views. If you haven’t the space at the rear, then a small side extension could be the answer.


  1. The future’s orangery – or a conservatory!

An orangery or conservatory provides more light than an extension. It can also be more appealing as it offers space that gives you the chance to relax during downtime and weekends.

The advantages of a conservatory or orangery are that they can be more cost effective and they are, in general, quicker to install so you have less disruption.

Of course, you have to remember that during the summer you’ll be very warm and in the winter it is likely to be very cold. Bear heating and cooling costs in mind when making your decision, or consider building solutions offered to keep the temperature right.

Conservatories are also a great way of adding value to your home, so offer a great return on investment.


  1. Room with a view in your garden

If the idea of extending your house doesn’t appeal or is simply not possible, then a garden room is a great solution.

Some garden rooms are not only functional but attractive and add an extra element to your home.

There are dozens of designs and a range materials to build them, so your garden room doesn’t need to look like a shed. Plus, it can add that extra distance between your work space and home, so you can close out your work easily every evening.


Planning approval

Before adding to your home, remember that you may require planning approval depending on your plans. We are an experienced construction company and can help you through the process.

We are a building company in County Durham but have experience in working with councils across the North East, including Newcastle, Gateshead and Northumberland and will give you an idea of timescales.

If adding a home office or garden room is the best solution, contact us here today to discuss your requirements