Not Enough Room?

There comes a time in many of our lives when we look around the house in which we live and say to ourselves, ‘You know what? This house just isn’t big enough for us anymore.” It happens all the time and there are numerous different reasons why. Perhaps a baby is on the way, perhaps another baby is on the way. Perhaps, like lots of people, you struggle to throw anything out (or you live with someone who struggles to throw anything out…). There is no shame in this.

We are a nation of hoarders and this may be a good thing. What we hoard is our history. Our possessions tell the story of our lives and that is, no doubt, why we hang on to things that have outlived their purpose or usefulness with such keen determination.

And so we continue to hoard. And then we have children and discover a whole range of new things to hoard – “Ah. Little Tommy’s first pair of shoes. We can’t throw those out…” And then we find that the house we are living in feels as if it is getting smaller and smaller. And smaller. And it is around about this time that we think something must be done.

So how do you get more space?

Often, the first reaction is to go on the internet and look for a bigger house. Certainly, that is one way to get more space but it is not, of course, an option without its trials and tribulations (indeed, a survey carried out last year by found that buying and selling a house was the most stressful modern life experience). Another option is to make your current home bigger.

There are many benefits to extending an existing house. You could have a larger kitchen or the kitchen/dining room you’ve always craved. Adding an additional bedroom will not only give you more flexibility it will also significantly increase the value of your property. Above all else, you will have more space without the stress of having to move. When you add in the fact that many house extensions are considered to be ‘permitted developments’ and therefore need no planning permission (see for further information) then an extension becomes an even more attractive proposition.

Here at John Conroy and Son we have eighteen years experience of building extensions across Northumberland and Durham. If you are considering extending your home please give us a ring on 0800 3118 321. It’s a free call and we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss your requirements with you.

Naturally, we understand that an extension will not be for everybody. If you are set on moving to a new home, don’t forget, we build those, too.