Construction companies are facing difficulties in light of the coronavirus pandemic. Along with many businesses, the situation is going to have a major impact financially.

Projects will be delayed and without working, there will be pressure on cash flows for building firms.

The construction industry faces a unique challenge to others as there continues to be confusion about what work can be carried out.

Advice to builders

At first, the government rules were that construction companies in the North East, such us here at John Conroy & Son Limited, could continue working.

Some industry leaders and workers are concerned that builders are being exposed to the coronavirus as they are expected to continue working. The exception, of course, is for construction workers who need to self isolate due to the virus.

Photographs of workers on a site in Teesside appeared on social media, which led to a backlash regarding work on building sites.

As a result, cabinet minister Michael Gove appeared on BBC Breakfast to explain that construction workers who are working in the open air and abide by guidelines are allowed to work.

But where builders visit the customers to carry out work that leads to contact in someone’s home – for example renovations or house extensions – then that is being ruled out.

Mr Gove said that, ‘contact in someone’s home’ would be ‘inappropriate’.

How we are working

At John Conroy & Son and our sister company H&C Joinery, our customers’ safety is paramount. So, if we believe that the project we are working results in needing to be within a house with customers, we will be suspending work for the time being.

But if we are working on an extension, new-build home or a project where we are generally in the open air, then we are working to government guidelines with regard to our team.

That means keeping distances of two metres apart and if people within our teams believe they have Covid-19 symptoms, we require that person to self isolate.

These are difficult times but we also recognise that people who have invested in building works need progress. Our customers, we know, want us to be safe and appreciate our efforts.

And we appreciate their understanding because there will be times, we expect, where self isolation means our teams may be reduced.

But we will be continuing where we can to deliver our high standards of construction.

Looking to the future

As the days of the lockdown continue, it is likely to result in many more companies struggling. We are doing all we can to keep working.

It is difficult at the moment but we see a strong future. Once the pandemic is brought under control and life returns to some kind of normality, there will be opportunities for everyone.

Some people may have to realign their plans to the situation. As we sit at home, more people than ever are looking for new homes using online portals.

Dreaming of a new home is one way of escaping our homes during lockdown. The changes in life may mean those looking to increase space believe a new home is the answer.

But finances may well be tighter after the coronavirus outbreak, so an extension to your current home is the answer. It is likely to be less costly than a new home and will add value once the market picks back up!

Or if you do feel like a move away to a more rural setting because lockdown has given you a taste for more space, consider a new build. And we don’t mean on a packed estate of identical houses!

We can help you build a house you specify! It is often a lot cheaper than a home from a mainstream house builder and you’ll get really will be able to live in the home of your dreams.

Farm House

It’s all something to think about during lockdown!

Most of all, keep safe! If you need to speak to us about your current project or future plans, don’t hesitate to contact us.