Buying a Plot

There are numerous steps involved in building a new home. You may already have the home of your dreams in mind; you may know what it looks like and you may know how you would like the interior space to be configured. But all of these thoughts, initially at least, need to be put to one side if you haven’t got a plot of land to build on.

Finding a suitable plot of land in an area where you’d like to live can be a challenge but it is certainly not impossible.

There are many resources available to people seeking a building plot in Northumberland and County Durham.

According to Homebuilding and Renovating (, any search for a suitable building plot should include:

  • Getting to know the area you are interested in. This will involve visiting the area and walking around it and studying maps and online aerial views. Searches such as these may reveal potential building plots.
  • Registering with local estate agents.
  • Making use of online resources. There are a number of online land-listing agencies that may be able to help in your search for a building plot.
  • Getting to know your local planning department and making full use of the resources it has available.

This last point can be particularly useful for those looking for a building plot. Once an application has been made to build on a parcel of land it becomes a matter of public record. This is true even if the application is only at the outline planning stage. It is possible that an applicant has only made the application in order to sell the land on complete with outline planning permission. Knowing the name of the applicant (who is likely to be the land owner) may give you advantage if you contact them before the land is advertised on the open market.

Word of Caution

Finally, a word of caution. Unscrupulous sellers are out there and they’ll be only too happy to sell you a plot of land in a green belt area. Despite recent relaxations in planning controls on green belt land it may well be that planning permission will be difficult or impossible to obtain in these areas.

It pays to do your research and it pays to seek out good advice. That’s where we can help. Whatever stage your plans are at, do give us a call on 0800 3118 321. It’s a free call and we’d be happy to discuss your ideas with you.