Basement conversion ideas


A basement or cellar is perfect for conversion that can become a jaw-dropping space that adds value to your home. There are many ideas that add a stunning new space in your house.

Period homes are the most likely to offer the opportunity of a basement conversion. The North East has many houses that feature a cellar.

From Victorian townhouses in Newcastle and Gateshead to detached character homes across Northumberland and County Durham.

Popular suburbs such as Jesmond, Gosforth and Low Fell have beautiful streets of terraced houses that don’t have space at the rear for a property extension.

But many have basements that could become a useable and much-loved space. We have some ideas to give you inspiration if you’ve never considered a basement conversion before.


Cellar cinema

Let’s be honest! Lockdown has left many of us stuck at home wishing we could have a night at the cinema. Well, let the movies come to you!

A basement is perfect for a home cinema because it has little or no natural light. That means it’s perfect for screening films or boxsets without the distractions of a living room.

One of the aspects of a cinema is the sound, but it can be too much for your lounge. This is where your basement cinema can feel like the real thing. Thanks to affordable sound systems you can be transported to the movies.

Basement cinemas also provide options for other family members to use the rest of the house.

They can relax in your main reception rooms while you enjoy the latest blockbuster. You can also create special movie nights for the whole family that allow you to escape the daily grind. Pass the popcorn!


Basement bedroom

Whether you want to create a guest room or need space for a growing family, a bedroom below ground is the perfect solution. If your home can’t be extended at the rear or in the roof, then the cellar may be the answer you’re looking for.

Basement bedrooms need to comply with building regulations as they need ventilation, lighting and waterproofing. But we can help you with our unrivalled construction experience. Check out our blog about renovating a period home for advice about building regulations.


Home office

The legacy of lockdown has shown that people don’t have to commute. But many houses can’t accommodate a home office or study.

Basements are the ideal solution if you are looking to create a workspace that you can leave behind at the weekend. We have looked at home office ideas before where we explain why you need a proper place to do your job.

As well as being away from your main living space, a home office in the cellar is a distraction-free space that will help you work better.


Underground man cave

OK, it can be a woman cave, too, but you get the idea: it’s all about a place for ‘me time’. You can turn the ‘cave’ into a:

  • Gym
  • Pool room
  • Bar
  • Recording studio
  • Home brewery


The options are endless. Check out a recent Zoopla article that featured five amazing basement conversions that show how classy your cellar can be.


Utility area

Nothing is more annoying than being in the kitchen or a room nearby when the washing machine is in full spin.

A basement can be the perfect extension for your utility goods because it keeps your kitchen tidy. There’s no need for laundry to be left lying around if there’s a dedicated space for it below ground.

Make sure you get an experienced plumber and electrician to check what you’ll need to do to get utilities to your utility!



Growing families who struggle to juggle with dining rooms full of toys could find the answer lies beneath! A basement is perfect for creating a child’s playroom.

Having a dedicated space for children to let their imaginations run wild and let off steam is exciting. All their toys can be stored out of sight and as they grow older, it can change and become the ideal hangout for teenagers. Giving space between adults and children can create a more relaxed lifestyle for everyone.


Basement conversions and damp

You can let your imagination run wild when it comes to re-purposing your cellar. It is essential that  it’s 100% waterproof and protected from flooding.

Careful planning is needed before you carry out any conversion work in a basement, so speak to us if you are unsure. Checking building regulations is also essential, especially if you don’t want any hitches when you come to sell.

Contact us today if you would like to know more about converting your cellar.